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UGA students create documentary exploring gentrification in Atlanta BeltLine area


According to, the Atlanta BeltLine is most comprehensive transportation and economic development effort ever undertaken in Atlanta, and is one of the largest urban development programs in the United States.

However, some say it is causing gentrification and class segregation in Atlanta. Three University of Georgia entertainment and media studies students, senior Allison Krausman, senior Wellie Delmer and junior Trey Leonard, went to Atlanta to film a documentary exploring the truth behind the BeltLine. Titled “Over The Line,” the end result does just that.

When deciding what to make their documentary about, the students knew they wanted to focus on Atlanta. After staying up to date on current events, they also decided to stick with something relevant to today’s news.

“The whole pretense of the film is to focus on racial issues, which have been such a prevalent thing in the news recently,” Delmer said. “So we chose urban development projects and how the BeltLine divides the city up.”

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