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Atlanta’s startup strengths sit at the intersection of culture and tech


It seems like every city is searching for its niche as the “Silicon Valley of…” But what cities may not immediately realize is that rather than trying to emulate the very specific and unique Silicon Valley culture, they might be better served to use what they’re already good at to bolster their tech cred.

Take Atlanta. The “City Too Busy to Hate” has deep roots in civil rights, Southern food, and in not just following or amplifying, but creating contemporary pop culture. It’s probably best known as a center of innovation for classic and modern hip-hop. Its history as an Olympic host city also lends itself to a rich sports legacy, and the brand-new Atlanta United soccer club quieted detractors when the team broke Major League Soccer records for highest average season attendance.

Perhaps most notable as of late has been Atlanta’s burgeoning dominance in the film industry, largely thanks to tax credits put in place to spur economic growth. In 2016, Georgia was the center of production for more of that year’s 100 highest-performing feature films than London and Los Angeles.

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