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Battered, bruised Wilmington N.C. film industry still ready to go when work arrives


The commute to work for the average local film crew member has grown significantly longer in recent years.

Steve Skinner, a longtime key rigging grip in the Wilmington film industry, worked on a television series in Savannah, Georgia, for a few weeks last fall after completing six months of work on TNT’s locally shot series “Good Behavior,” the year’s only Wilmington-based project.

In January, he was back on the road and off to Charleston, South Carolina, for a couple of months before making a return trip to Savannah for several weeks in the spring. Through all the travel, his base was – and has always been – Wilmington. But a persistent lull in local production hasn’t allowed him or most of the region’s deep bench of film crew to spend much time at home.

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