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Creative + Investor Shark Attack To Be Held At The Ivy of Buckhead


The June 21st event will provide Creatives (screenwriters, directors and producers) the opportunity to come together with Georgia’s business and financial community, for an educational showcase of the creative content, talent and film projects in Georgia.

The event includes both an educational and social forum to connect, learn and grow with a workshop: How to Package Your Film for Funding, so content creators can bring their stories to life while putting Georgia talent to work and leveraging the infrastructure that has made Georgia the #1 state for filmmaking.

With at-capacity crowds, the capstone Entertainment Shark Attack event, created by Ritz Group visionary Larry White, has been produced by Ritz Group’s Entertainment Group Leader and CEO of Ball of Fire Media, Bernadette Boas, since 2015. The Shark Attack panel of industry icon judges will give feedback and support on 11 select film funding pitches, provide a Pass/Recommend grade to the content creator, and will choose the Best Pitch for a prize of a package of industry products and services that will advance the creators work.

A full roster of industry experts will support the day, including Stanislav Shkilnyi of Crogan Filmworks, LLC, a Film Sales Company, John Adcox of Gramarye Media, Inc., Drew Waters and Erin Bethea of Argentum Entertainment and Chris Helton of Silver Line Films, Inc., Karen Rands of Kugarand Capital Holdings, and Eileen O’Neill of EY.

Community Partners include Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) and Morin Entertainment Law.

Tickets and more information can be found at Creative + Investor 2018


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