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Atlanta filmmaker Bret Wood turns to podcasts for “The Control Group” thriller


For more than a decade, Atlanta’s HowStuffWorks has built a popular podcast network primarily on shows that are informative, accessible and light-hearted.

The company’s first drama podcast signals a willingness to experiment with the introductory disclaimer: “The Control Group contains scenes of realistic violence and graphic sexuality. It is intended for mature listeners.”

A psychological thriller set in a 1961 mental hospital, The Control Group explores its audio format and sinister setting for maximum disquiet and dread. “By the time you get into episode four or five, you get into Bret Wood territory,” quips writer/director Bret Wood. With the titles of his independent films like Psychopathia Sexualis and The Unwanted hinting at some of his pet themes, the Atlanta based filmmaker got a charge out of creating an audio-only tale.

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