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Cine’s summer film series provides a classic experience


In a now-infamous rant that originated in the DVD bonus features of his last film to date, 2006′s “Inland Empire,” filmmaker David Lynch expressed profound distaste at the notion of watching a movie on a mobile device.

“You’ll never in a trillion years experience the film,” explained the “Twin Peaks” creator. “You’ll think you have experienced it, but you’ll be cheated. It’s such a sadness.”

Though there is something to be said for the unique intimacy that can occur when viewing a movie on a smart phone or tablet, films released before the advent of streaming content (or, in some cases, home video or broadcast television) can only truly be presented in their original context by way of a theatrical screening. Old movies aren’t frozen relics; they evolve as audiences do, and what we take away over time can often change significantly. The opportunity to see the classics on the big screen should never be something a film-going culture should be without, and Cine’s yearly summer revival series ensures that resource continues to be available to the Athens community.

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