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Movies and more coming to Tyrone in a big way


Update – July 12: The original story noted project plans which included apartments and townhomes. Project representative Nathan Dockery subsequently stated that, “The DRI (development of regional impact) document for our project inaccurately refers to our Loft Residences as ‘Apartments.’ We don’t want anyone to be confused thinking that an apartment complex is planned, as it is not, and the miscommunication has been clarified with the state, county, and city.”

Original story: Originally approved last year as the Founders Studio project along Ga. Highway 74 in Tyrone, plans have transformed the project into the “Founders District” development, a studio and mixed-use development now under state review. Plans include film studios, retail, office, restaurants, residential and a cinema.

Founders is currently going through the DRI (development of regional impact) process with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). Peachtree City-based Dockery Group owner and Founders principal Nathan Dockery said that process should be completed, and the proposal presented, to the Tyrone Town Council in late summer or early fall.

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