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Pop-up movie theaters come to Savannah offering a new ‘movie experience’ from Montage Cinemas


The movie theater experience seems to be in flux. While there is an appeal to visiting the theater with the more recent Savannah weather patterns — smoldering heat one day and rains leading to flooding downtown the next — one would assume there is still an audience to head out to the megaplex to catch the latest blockbuster offering.

In the film industry today, the term “experience” has made its mark on the movie theater with reclining seats, food served while the film plays and even one California theater offering a playground for kids while parents watch a movie. When it comes to the actual film, “experience” is defined by long, bombastic blockbusters from Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros. and more — trying to sway your mind about going with larger explosions and big stars rather than sustaining a competent product.

Enter Montage Cinemas — Savannah’s latest movie haven and a possible work around to the long-time problems of establishing a movie fans paradise in downtown Savannah.

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