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2018 Macon Film Festival Announces Official Selections


Official selections for the 2018 Macon Film Festival have been announced and will be screened at the following venues throughout the Festival, August 16-19: Museum of Arts and Sciences, Theatre Macon, Douglass Theatre, The Grand Opera House, and Hargray Capitol Theatre.

Below are details about the overall numbers and categories of films. Detailed selection lists of each category may be found via this link:

· Official Selection Films: 95 from the US and 18 other countries

· Spotlight Film Blocks (traditional & fulldome curated blocks): 5

· Special Screening Films: 4

· Total: 104

Official Fulldome Selections:

This category includes 32 films from 13 countries (US, Poland, UK, France, Germany, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Canada, Thailand, South Korea and the Netherlands).

“The festival programming team is excited to be one of the few film festivals merging the world of traditional and immersive film,” says Tabitha Walker, Macon Film Festival programmer. “This year’s festival will showcase close to 40 fulldome films that include a mix of educational and creative content. Our fulldome venue at Macon’s museum of Arts and Sciences is sure to provide a one-of-a kind experience for our festival audience.”

Official LGBT Selections:

This category includes eight films from four countries (US, Spain, Italy and Brazil).

“The LGBT category has quickly become a favorite of our festival audience,” says Walker. “The LGBT films programmed for screening this year will allow the festival audience to explore and experience the nature of love, loss and acceptance through the lens of this year’s official selection directors.”

Official Narrative Feature Selections:

This category includes four films from two countries (US and Spain).

“This festival’s selection of narrative feature films has a little something for everyone,” says Walker. “With a sampling of action, comedy and drama these films are sure to take the festival audience on a ride of emotions.”

Official Narrative Shorts Selections:

The narrative shorts category includes 15 submissions from four countries (US, UK, Kosovo and the Islamic Republic of Iran).

“The narrative shorts category is one of the most competitive during the screening process and is always an audience favorite,” says Walker. “This year’s narrative shorts blocks will examine the nature of relationships while also taking audiences on a journey of entertaining and thoughtful twists and turns.”

Official Student Shorts Selections:

This category has six films from three countries (US, Mexico and France).

“The films selected for the Student Shorts category are always competitive alongside the festival’s professional entries and this year is no exception,” says Walker. “The festival is looking forward to showcasing the up and coming filmmakers from colleges and universities throughout Georgia and across the country.”

Official Georgia Made Selections:

The Georgia Made category includes 11 films.

“An important element of the mission of Macon Film Festival is to celebrate films made in and about Georgia,” says Walker. “This year’s selection of Georgia Made films showcase the amazing indie filmmakers that call Georgia home as well as those whose stories have made an impact within the state.”

Official Virtual Reality Selections:

The Virtual Reality category includes seven films from two countries (US and Iraq).
Festival goers will view VR films onstage at the Grand Opera House using individual Oculus Go headsets due to the generous support of the Knight Foundation.

“The 2018 festival will allow our audience to experience the power of immersive cinema firsthand with the introduction of the Virtual Reality Shorts category,” says Walker. “Viewers will be immersed in a 360 degree environment where they will be transported and introduced to different locations, people and issues we face in the world today.”

Official Music Feature Selections:

This category includes four films, all from the US.

“As a city with its roots firmly planted in music history with ties to Little Richard, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers and more, it is important to the festival to showcase the best in music documentary filmmaking today,” remarks Walker. “We are excited to share these exceptional short and feature length music documentaries with the festival’s music loving audience.”

Official Documentary Selections:

The documentary category includes eight films from two dual countries of origin (US & Japan, US & Ethiopia).

“The Macon Film Festival audience has always gravitated toward documentary films,” says Walker. “This year’s selection of documentary films offers our festival audience an amazing mix of characters and stories they won’t soon forget.”


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