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Film industry at stake with Abrams vs. Kemp?


FEW THINGS more dramatically show the nature of modern U.S. politics than the upcoming battle for the Georgia governor’s mansion between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp.

I find the race hugely fascinating, not only because of the importance of the position, but because of what its dynamics say about Georgia, about our two major parties, and about America itself.

Democrats in Georgia have become accustomed to seeing highly touted candidates, fawned over by the national media, come up embarrassingly short when it comes time for an actual statewide election.

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  1. Both candidates are now on the record as supporting the entertainment tax credit, Kemp more strongly in the last few days. The key issue will not be a direct attack on the local industry, but collateral legislation that could cause a more global reaction and boycott, as with any so-called “Religious Liberty” bill(s). To date, Stacy Abrams does not support “Religious Liberty” legislation, whereas Kemp and many Republican candidates have publicly supported “Religious Liberty.” The Kemp position could change after the election, as it could become a lightning rod of opposition for too many big businesses in the state, but it is too early to tell. And the politics of elections are not necessarily the politics of actually administration.

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