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Movie filming to impact areas of downtown Savannah September-November


A live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp” will be filming in Savannah this fall, with the production title “Goodbye Stranger.” Filming is scheduled to begin Sept. 10, and end Nov. 7. These dates are still in the works, and not all filming areas will be utilized at the same time.

This film is slated to bring a $20 million economic impact to our community, and plans to hire local crew members and utilize local businesses, especially those who are affected by the filming locations.

Businesses and residents affected by filming will receive an initial notification one month in advance. Follow-up notifications will be sent out two weeks and 48 hours prior to filming. Anyone with concerns can communicate with the City of Savannah’s Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism and the Savannah Area Film Office.

During filming, representatives of the Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism and the Savannah Area Film Office will be available 24 hours a day to address concerns.

Below are some of the areas that will be utilized during this time.

Johnson Square

Johnson Square will be staged as a town center, with a 1-3 day impact. Exact dates have not yet been set.

During these days, the majority of the square will be closed to the public. Filming will take place in the daytime hours, and dirt will be applied to Bull Street, Bryan Street and Bay Street.

Lower Factors Walk, behind Wet Willie’s

Filming is slated to take five days, and dates have not yet been confirmed. The road will be the set of an alleyway. Parking for Tubby’s Tankhouse employees will be temporarily removed, and the production team will arrange alternate parking for Tubby’s employees.

Most filming will take place in the early morning hours.

Wright Square

Filming in Wright Square will take place for six days in September. The square will be transformed into a 1910s era facade. The square will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic during this time.


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