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Nick Cannon sums up the new season of Wild ‘n Out: “It’s Atlanta.”


Aside from the infectious energy, watching the live taping of hip-hop improv show Wild ‘n Out isn’t much different from watching the show itself. While TV viewers get commercial breaks, the live audience waits as cast and crew run around the stage preparing for the next segment.

As the audience dances at their seats in between the show’s game segments, which pit two teams against each other, stagehands coordinate how mics will be conspicuously passed through the crowd. There aren’t many redos. The cast is polished and equipped to roll with the unpredictable nature of filming in front of a live audience. Much like in the version that airs, if a joke doesn’t stick, they keep trying until one lands.

For several weeks this summer Center Stage was transformed into a studio for the long-running MTV series. Led by Nick Cannon, a group of comedians and a rotating cast of celebrity guests filmed episodes for the 12th season of the show.

When asked to summarize the season during a set visit, Cannon simply said “It’s Atlanta.”

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