Can Dragon Con, Atlanta’s Anti-Hollywood Parade And Convention, Survive Since Hollywood Is Atlanta?


, the Atlanta convention and parade, has always been a mystery to me. I was made aware of it by my friend Henry Hanks, who was a popular CNN i-Report employee and who (with David Williams, Lila King, David Williams, Katie Hawkins-Gaar, Christina Zdanowics, Rachel Rodriguez, and Nicole Saidi) pretty much put the cable network on the map of Comic Con-culture.

At the time, 2011, I was (and technically, still am) a CNN iReport contributor, (Zennie62 on the iReport) especially since I never quit the thing, as well as a blogger on something called SF’s City Brights. I was also invited to cover Comic Con San Diego in 2010, and by ’s Marketing and PR wizzard David Glanzer – where I made great memories with the CNN iReport crew, led by Mr. Hanks.

Then, knowing that I was in Atlanta quite a bit to help and keep my Mom company, he told me about . Then, next thing I know, I’m invited to cover it. , as you will see, is not .

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