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Graffiti artist and Georgia film executive discuss taking risk, achieving momentum at forum


Closing with splashes of color Tuesday, the two-day Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum welcomed street artist Erik Wahl to the stage at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center.

The best-selling author and innovative thinker quickly went to work using brushes and his hands to paint an image of President Abraham Lincoln, the action set to the Coldplay song “Viva la Vida” and a video of people parachuting from rocks, diving into water and generally taking risks. That set up Wahl’s message that creativity for most humans tends to atrophy over time after their heyday of artwork is completed early in grade school.

“Pablo Picasso once said that every child is an artist. The challenge is how to remain an artist once we grow up,” he said, pointing out that people slowly over time are taught to become averse to risk out of fear of the unknown. Analytics and logic, which are certainly needed, tend to rule our minds far too often, said the best-selling author of the book, “Unthink.”

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