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‘Lady and the Tramp’ remake joins list of Savannah-filmed movies


On Monday, Sept. 10, Disney began to film its latest live-action remake, “Lady and the Tramp” in Savannah’s Wright and Johnson Squares.

When casting began mid-August for background actors, the title of the movie was unspecified, referred to simply as a film “distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures,” according to Island Packet. However, after many members of the cast were revealed, the studio unveiled the identity of the project.

The remake is expected to follow a similar story to the 1955 animated original, following Lady, a female Cocker Spaniel, whose upper-class family sets her astray with the new arrival of a baby. As she wanders throughout the city, she encounters a scrappy mongrel called the Tramp, and the pair’s romance culminates in one of Disney’s most iconic scenes: the spaghetti kiss.

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