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Savannah remembers Burt Reynolds


When you think about Georgia Film and how it has grown into a $9 billion industry, you have to give credit to a man who showed that making movies in Georgia could have national appeal, and more importantly, make money.

Burt Reynolds died Thursday at the age of 82. He made six films in Georgia and was no stranger to Savannah, filming the movie Gator and The Longest Yard in the area. Reynolds was the biggest box office star in the world at one time, but he was always just Burt to those who knew him. He was a legend, and his legend looms large here in Savannah.

You can see how Savannah showed up on the big screen in The Longest Yard with the chase seen through Forsyth Park, ending on River Street. It’s not the movies that those who know him well will remember him for.

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