What is the Macon Film Guild?


Macon is a town with such rich history; it can sometimes be hard to believe that the city is well into the 21st century. Specifically, Georgia’s booming film industry has been the home for many high-profile film and television productions, and Macon is no exception. With all of the up and coming opportunities in the industry, many organizations have sprung up to help fill the void. One of these groups is the Macon Film Guild.

The Macon Film guild does many different things for Macon. As stated on their website, “The Guild is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of volunteers who do the research for new films, produce and distribute publicity materials, and develop the programming.” In addition, the guild is best known for is their monthly films at the Douglass Theater.

The head of the Macon Film Guild is Robert Fieldsteel, who has been in the film industry for many years.

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