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25 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is one of the biggest series on television thanks to its devotion to character development, brilliant makeup effects, and an intriguing storyline. While the series’ ratings have gone down in recent years and some fans have rage-quit the show for a variety of reasons, the show isn’t going down anytime soon.

Like the walkers it shows us each and every week it airs, The Walking Dead isn’t going down without a fight! Now, moving into its ninth season, a lot of changes are scheduled to come for the good folks of Alexandria and its surrounding communities; some for the better and some for the worse. Whether you have read the comics or not, there’s plenty going on in the show that hasn’t been put to the page, and likely never will.

With eight seasons already aired and a total of 115 episodes, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes many fans don’t know about. What goes on when the camera isn’t rolling and what went on to cause not one, but two showrunners to leave production? There’s plenty of behind the scenes rumors and details going on that many haven’t heard anything about, which is why we compiled a list of some interesting facts about the goings on in the show. A lot goes into turning an extra into a walker, but sitting in the makeup chair is only part of becoming one of the many zombies on the show.

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