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Moonshine Post and Crafty Apes Helps Celebrate 35th Anniversary of PC&E


This weekend, October 6-7, 2018, Cine Gear Expo 2018 will arrive in Atlanta for the first time.  It is the premier event for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry. The choice to make Atlanta it’s only other stop (outside of Los Angeles) is a testament to the thriving entertainment industry here.

During this Expo will be another monumental event — the 35th Anniversary of PC&E, a premier one-stop production source for the film industry. The employee-owned company has been thriving for 35 years and will be celebrating their legacy of serving Georgia’s industry on Saturday evening (October 6) parallel to the CineGear Expo events.

Moonshine Post-Production and Crafty Apes are the major sponsor of this celebration and have been connected to PC&E over the years through many projects from independent film projects, to commercials and major film releases.

“Having the Cine Gear Expo come to Atlanta this weekend is a major coup for Georgia … and celebrating PC&E’s 35th anniversary, a company who helped me get my foot in the door, makes the weekend that much more significant,” said Moonshine Post-Production Founder Drew Sawyer. “The film and TV industry has been in this state for decades, but where we’ve taken it over the course of the last 10 years, led by great companies like PC&E, is what makes being a part of the business here so special. All of us at Moonshine are proud to create magic in Georgia and call this great state home.”


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