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Columbus State University’s Esports Team Finishes Pre-Season Undefeated


Columbus State University’s Esports Team recently finished its pre-season undefeated, winning four matches and a total of eight League of Legends games this semester.

In its first full academic year, CSU’s Esports team was founded by students Vunty Wan and Daniel Collins in the spring of 2018. Since early September, the team has been practicing every Thursday and playing against other universities every Friday in online matches as part of the pre-season.

Although Wan, Collins, and several of the other team members have been playing League of Legends together for several years, the team now has official support from the university. Wan and Collins worked with CSU Director of Student Life & Development, Melissa Dempsey, to secure equipment and practice rooms. They also receive guidance from their faculty advisor, Cody Meshes.

“I feel like we are well supported,” said Wan. “From providing the practice room, to offering equipment, to just always being there to talk.”

In the spring, the team will begin its second season in the Peach Belt Conference. Last year, they traveled to Georgia Southwestern University for the Peach Belt Conference’s first esports championship. The Peach Belt was the first NCAA Division II conference to hold an Esports championship. CSU finished third in the conference.


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