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RJR Prop’s New Studio Camera and Mock up Aircraft Collection


RJR Props now has the largest Television Studio Camera Collection of it’s type available for Television, Film, Commercials and Still Photo. Over 50 Studio Cameras that spans the history of Television from the late 1940’s to Present. The Studio Cameras have been fully restored and upgraded by our engineers and team to provide HD Digital Broadcast quality.

All functions are fully restored and upgraded to HD. Tally lights work, viewfinders work, and the cameras provide a digital output for playback and for the Director’s monitor. They have seen the US history through the biggest events in Television history: WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, Kennedy Assassination, Landing on the Moon and more! Some of these cameras are historic, and have been featured on numerous shows throughout history:

* Cameras from NBC’s Burbank Studios, home of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

* Original Cameras from American Bandstand

* The Dating Game

* The Newlywed Game

* CNN Studios

* NBC Studios in New York

* The Very First Television Studio in the world in NY City

* And much more!

RJR Props also now has six airplane interior available for the Film, Television, Commercials and Still Photos!

Please call (404) 349-7600 for more information!

*Modern Commercial Aircraft: from 21′ to 40′ long

*Luxury Jet: Gulfstream G4 40′ long

*Huey Helicopter Attack: (non-flying) for static ground shots

*Aircraft Fuselage: ideal for crash scenes

*Vintage Aircraft interior: 1970’s-1980’s

*Futuristic Fighter Jet Cockpit


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