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THR: On the Set of ‘Ozark’ With Jason Bateman, Laura Linney


On a scorching day in Atlanta, the stars and creatives behind Netflix’s acclaimed drama open up about what’s next for the Byrdes and their chaotic lives in the third season: “We dealt with a lot of dark drama this year, so it’ll be nice to go back to dark humor.”

In the span of two seasons, the Byrdes have transformed from a mundane Chicago family of four to a unit that consists of a shoplifter who’s seeking emancipation from said family, a preteen money launderer, a murderer and a scheming political strategist.

Chris Mundy, the showrunner and writer on Netflix’s Ozark, delved into darker material for the show’s second season, which debuted Aug. 31. “Originally, we thought this year could be funnier than the first season, but it naturally evolved into something much darker,” Mundy recalls of the early writers room conversations.

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