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eSports U: New Data Shows Biggest Opportunities and Challenges for Collegiate eSports


2017 was a big year for collegiate eSports. The list of U.S. colleges offering varsity eSports programs grew to at least 56 institutions.

Major universities like Georgia State University, the University of Utah, and the University of California-Irvine started offering scholarships to attract top players. And League of Legends developer Riot Games partnered with the Big Ten Network to produce a full season of collegiate games featuring schools in the Big Ten Conference, handing out at least $300,000 in scholarships.  The eSports wave is sweeping through college athletics programs throughout the country.

A new study by Interpret sheds more light on collegiate eSports, showing its broad appeal among those who already watch eSports. The data indicate that over two-thirds of eSports viewers are interested in watching collegiate eSports. Additionally, 59% report that they would support their local collegiate eSports team in person. The number of viewers who have competed in collegiate eSports remains low (at 17%), but 60% of college-aged viewers are interested in competing. This is good news for schools looking to expand their athletics programs into the digital frontier.

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