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Looping Atlanta: Transforming The Atlanta Film And Tv Industry


The emergence of Looping Atlanta is one of the biggest happenings right now in the Film and TV industry in Atlanta. Led by Voice-Over Veterans, Grant George and Jessica Gee-George, who bring their 30 plus years of experience on major Television Shows and Blockbuster Movies, Looping Atlanta provides best-in-class Walla, Looping, ADR, Dubbing and Voice Casting for Film and TV Projects.

Film and TV Producers, Post-Production Supervisors, and Sound Mixers can now rely on an experienced Loop Group in Atlanta that can perfectly handle all Looping for Post-Production work. Looping Atlanta is made up of a diverse group of highly-trained Film and TV Actors, Voice-Over Actors and Improvisers that have the specific skills required for Looping on a soundstage.

As the huge Film and TV market in Atlanta continues to flourish, Post-Production work can now be done all in the Southeast, rather than be outsourced to other places. Also, the Filming Tax Incentive provides immense benefits to Film and TV Producers and, ensures that work will be done in Georgia-proper using local talent.

Looping Atlanta ensures that every project is perfectly done by providing extensive research to authenticate every scene, thus adding to the dynamic results that enhance the sound quality of all productions.


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