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Taxwatch Report: Florida Should Consider Reviving Film Tax Incentives


Florida’s share of film and television productions is waning as the state no longer offers tax credits for the industry. A new analysis finds Florida lawmakers may have good reason to reconsider those incentives.

The HBO series “Ballers” starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was filmed in South Florida for its first two seasons. Then it moved to California – after Florida’s film tax credit program ended in 2016. The show is still going strong, now working on its fifth season.

“’Ballers’ employed more than 2,800 people in Florida, spent over $20-million each season in the South Florida area, and literally picked up and took those jobs and those dollars elsewhere,” says John Lux, executive director of the not for profit Film Florida, a membership based trade association. He’s tired of Florida losing out on productions, especially those that pass off other states as the sunshine state.  “It is gut-wrenching every time we see something portrayed as Florida, and it’s not.”

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