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Documentary captures life, legacy of Savannah community activist, the Rev. Bennie Mitchell Jr.


It’s easy to look back over your lifetime and wish you had evidence of some of the big moments. But for filmmaker and artist Bennie Mitchell III, that’s not a problem.

He says a simple gift to his late father, the Rev. Bennie Mitchell Jr., would later provide a treasured video history of some of the most significant moments of his father’s life as a renowned Savannah activist and preacher.

“My mom gave my father a video camera in 1989,” Bennie Mitchell says. “I let that camera sit untouched for three days … and then it became my camera.”

He began using the camera at age 12 to capture significant moments in his father’s career and civil rights advocacy.

“I built up a nice catalog, even when I was in college. My father was always a film project.”

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