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RIA Breaks Into Georgia’s Booming Film Industry


Georgia has earned the nickname “the Hollywood of the South” from the plethora of projects filmed there, including The Walking Dead and Stranger Things television series, The Hunger Games movie franchise and this year’s multi-Oscar nominee Black Panther. The state, which a decade ago started offering film production companies generous tax credits, saw a record-breaking 455 television and film productions during fiscal-year 2018.

An Atlanta-based RIA firm is getting in on the action. About a year ago, Patricia Sklar, a wealth advisor at Brightworth, was noticing more and more film and TV activity in Atlanta. In addition, news stories about the pace of the industry’s growth in Georgia piqued her interest.

“We film more major motion pictures here in Georgia than L.A. does at this point,” she said. “There’s tremendous opportunity for us to help people.”

Sklar attended an introductory class on the film business taught by producer Linda Burns, did her own research and started attending film industry events “to try to up my game and understand it better,” she said.

It’s not just actors who are generating wealth but also producers and others who work behind the scenes. “It’s shocking, if you’ve ever been on a movie set, how many people there are,” she said. The percentage of her client base that hails from the film industry is growing, she said. It includes a mix of Georgia natives and transplants who’ve settled there for work.

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