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When it dried up in North Carolina, Student finds opportunity in Georgia


When North Carolina decided to change the tax incentives it provided to the entertainment industry, many people were left with fewer opportunities to do what they love.

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“When the North Carolina film tax credit dried up there was a mass exodus,” said Lucy Keller, a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. “Many of my friends were quick to get out and when they told me about the opportunities in the film industry in Georgia, I was in.”

North Carolina’s loss is Georgia’s gain.

Lucy sought opportunities to learn more about the industry in Georgia. What began with local or online classes soon turned into developing connections, which got her into networks that helped her build the knowledge and skillsets she possesses today.

She is now contributing to a number of productions, currently as a PA for the Warner Bros. TV  show Doom Patrol about a Superhero team, premiering February 15, 2019 on DC Universe.

“You have to work hard. Sometimes you are asked to work long hours, or strange hours, or handle strange things, but if you just push through someone will notice,” says Lucy.

For Lucy that moment came when she was working with Crazy Legs Productions. It was there where she and a few other interns took turns holding directional signs in the frigid temperatures and pouring rain.

lucy keller“Lucy’s motivation and drive in her interview carried over into her experience and the impression she made as an intern here,” said Kimberley Hinson, Office Manager of Crazy Legs Productions. “Those who seek and create opportunities will always be more successful than those who wait for opportunities to be presented, and you could tell Lucy was a go-getter.”

Lucy has come a long way since being an intern and she credits a lot of that to the opportunities she has gotten to network and ask questions on set. “At first I thought everyone would be too busy to answer any questions, but once I got comfortable enough to ask, I realized how helpful everyone really is,” she said, “The worst answer I’ve gotten is ‘I’d love to talk about it, but could you come back in one hour?’”

Lucy is convinced she’s in the right place at the right time.

“I made the right decision coming to Georgia,” said Lucy, “I can’t wait to see what opportunities are ahead.”

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