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Filmmakers at SXSW talk about why more movies aren’t being made in Texas


The South by Southwest film festival is bringing star power to Austin. 234 films are premiering at SXSW with stars like Kevin Costner, Jon Hamm and Lupita Nyong’o walking the red carpets. But even though many films debut here, far fewer are being made in Texas.

Georgia, New York, California and Louisiana all make more movies than Texas. It can look like Texas is a top player in the motion picture industry because of festivals like SXSW. But increasingly Austin is becoming the place to throw the party when the film premieres.

“Austin’s a special city. I have a lot of history here,” said actor Kevin Costner.

Costner likes Texas, personally and professionally.

“I made a couple of movies here, Fandango and A Perfect World,” said Costner.

But both those films were shot back in the 80’s and 90’s. See more.


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