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Inaugural C3 Sound and Screen Finance Convention to take place in May


Creative Collective Capital Corp. (C3) will present its first Sound and Screen Finance Convention from Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5, 2019. The event, a first in the Southeast, will be a gathering of creative and strategic influencers and financiers who move the needle in the film, TV, music and digital entertainment (esports, video gaming, virtual reality, etc.) arenas. Register here.

The three-day event will host speakers, panel discussions, demos, workshops and elite networking experiences with leading financiers from around the country. It will focus on financial topics and trends in the entertainment industry. Industry leaders will address investment, financing and growth strategies.

“I have a vested interest in our state’s creatives and investors learning the fundamentals of creative IP financing so it continues to grow and define Georgia as a leading state in the entertainment financial industry,” said C3 Founder Aneesah Bray-Power. “Convention attendees will learn how to use what’s in their wheelhouse to invest. We’ll discuss the latest breakthroughs in government and trade, the hurdles that exist, and how we can extend investment opportunities in Georgia.”

Friday, May 3
Location reserved for VIP executive ticket holders and speakers only
Dinner | Presentation | Awards
VIP executive ticket holders will have access to this red-carpet event featuring a speech from Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, a strong supporter of Georgia’s entertainment industry.

Saturday, May 4
Creative Media Industries Institute, Georgia State University
Leaders | Policies | Impact
Leaders in entertainment, banking, investing and government will discuss innovative ideas and solutions to Georgia entertainment challenges. Among topics to be covered are the policies impacting the future of Georgia’s thriving industry.

Sunday, May 5
Plaza Theatre and Billboard Studios
Demo | Decide | Deal
Investors and industry professionals can “touch the entertainment brand” with this hands-on opportunity to experience the industry through demos, workshops, listening sessions, screenings and more. Investors will be able to meet creatives, be inspired and have the opportunity to execute deal memos on the premises of these premiere facilities.


●      TAX CREDITS — Georgia’s tax credits and how your dollar-for-dollar reduction impacts investment. You will learn each step in getting the credits, how fast you receive the credit and the benefits to Georgia’s economy as a whole.

●      ENTERTAINMENT ECOSYSTEM — Top entrepreneurs and corporate innovation executives will share how they entered the industry, how they are disrupting the formula, and the impact investors can make on Georgia’s whole economy.

●      THE ROLE OF THE NON-BANK PLAYER — Hear from leading bankers on how investors can work with their financial advisors and private bankers to facilitate their interest in investing in the entertainment industry.

●      MONETIZING DIGITAL CONTENT — Investors profiting when the content is free.

●      IP LENDING IN 2019 — The ins and outs of the newly-created IP lending structure. Learn about collaborations amongst independent producers of sound and screen content with investors and distributors who are successfully navigating the world of lending to creatives.

●      THE COLOR OF MONEY — Sellable content in the new millennium. This panel covers what content is commercially viable and how to take a strategized risk in creative funding for those subjects — outside of the common comfort zone of an investor’s immediate interests.


  • Ryan Millsap (Blackhall Studios)
  • Jason Zerden (Stem Disintermedia Artist Relations)
  • Chris LeDoux (Crafty Apes VFX)
  • Desi Banks (comedian)
  • Asante Bradford (Georgia State Department of Economic Development/Digital Entertainment & Emerging Technology)
  • David Innes (City National Bank)
  • LaRonda Sutton (Entertainment Consultant)
  • Tony Smalls (Superior Business Management)
  • Craig Miller (Craig Miller Productions)
  • Brennen Dicker (Creative Media Industries Institute, Georgia State University)
  • Andrew Greenberg (Georgia Game Developers Association/DeKalb Entertainment Commission)
  • Sheoyki Jones (Invest Atlanta)
  • Josh Harris (City National Bank)
  • Gia Serrette (Bank of America, Entertainment Division)
  • Kris Benson (Superior Business Management)
  • Rob Hardy (Director)
  • Dan Copeland (Copeland 22 Film Co.)
  • Matt Wilson (Entertainment Attorney)
  • Farrah Allen (The Labz)
  • Lisa Ferrell (Georgia Production Partnership)
  • Dov Jacobson (Games That Work)
  • Cappriccieo Scates (Mytrell Records)
  • Ricardo Spicer (Universal Records)
  • Angeleen Wilson (Mediarite and Georgia Blockchain Coalition)

About C3
Creative Collective Capital, known as C3, is an events management company focused on the collaboration between content creators, alternative and corporate investors. We provide high-level educational networking events and conferences to investors seeking a deeper understanding of the business of entertainment.


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