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Actors Sonny Shroyer and Eric Roberts scheduled stars for the Second Annual RKDS Film Fest


The film festival is schedule for July 6-14, at the old Valdosta High Performing Arts Center, 3101 N. Forrest St., according to organizers.

Films, celebrity guests and forums will take place during the nine-day event, organizers said.

In August 2018, RKDS Film Fest began receiving more than 1,500 film submissions from around the world and was Certified Gold by Filmfreeway, the number one film festival and film submitting company in the world, organizers said.

The RKDS Film Fest received notice thanks in part to Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds, who was the 2018 featured guest for the inaugural event.

Reynolds died several weeks after the Valdosta festival.

The film festival is set to begin by paying tribute to Shroyer, a Valdosta resident, with “An Evening with Sonny Shroyer,” Saturday, July 6. See more at VDT.


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