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“Breakthrough” movie a Missouri story, but Missouri couldn’t compete to be a film site


The newly-released feature film, “Breakthrough,” premiered in St. Louis Wednesday. That’s good news for the Missouri family upon which the inspirational film is based, but the film industry and site developers in the Show-Me State wish the production had happened here instead of Manitoba, Canada.

Missouri’s previous tax break bill expired in 2013. Production companies will not usually consider a state without that kind of financial welcome.

Film professionals say Missouri is missing out on millions of dollars in revenue – especially in small towns and rural areas. Senator Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg’s bill would bring back a tax incentive for bringing movies to Missouri. His bill has passed the Senate Economic Development Committee and would be placed next on the House calendar.

In this bill, the incentive is capped at $4.5 million per year and spread among credible companies that must spend first in the state, and then get a rebate.

Joni Tackette, president of the Missouri Motion Media Association, says in the past few years the state was not considered for a possible $150 million dollars in spending on stories based on Missouri. So Tackette and a supporting cast of actors, trade workers, trucking companies and tourism bureaus based in Missouri spoke to the Senate Economic Development committee in terms of trade. More here.


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