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Cobb County’s Alton Brown ‘Good Eats: The Return’ in production for Food Network


Alton Brown, the long-time Cobb County resident and mesmerizing Food Network mad scientist, is bringing an updated version of “Good Eats” back to life after seven years on hiatus.

Production for the Food Network show has started in metro Atlanta, according to the Georgia film office.

“We’re restarting it. We’re bringing it back. We’re getting the band back together!” Brown told a cheering standing-room-only Dragon Con audience in downtown Atlanta at the time. It was originally called “Return of the Eats” but the name was slightly rejiggered to “Good Eats: The Return.” Originally set to debut in 2018, it was pushed back to this year.

The original “Good Eats,” which aired from 1999 to 2012 over 249 one-of-a-kind episodes, explored the world of food, from spices and cows, from chocolate to honey, through the quirky eyes of Brown himself. It featured bizarre skits, history lessons and all sorts of food-related trivia. The Cooking Channel still airs repeats and he revamped some of the old episodes last year in versions called “Good Eats Reloaded.”

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