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Dean Cain Blasts Hollywood ‘Bullies’ for Threatening Boycott of GA Over ‘Heartbeat’ Bill


Actor Dean Cain called out Hollywood “bullies” after dozens of TV and film workers threatened to boycott working in Georgia if a controversial abortion bill is signed into law in the state.

The so-called “heartbeat bill” would forbid abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually at around six weeks. The bill passed the Georgia state Senate, has been sent back to the Georgia House for final approval, and Gov. Brian Kemp (R) has vowed to sign it into law.

On “Fox News @ Night,” Cain, who starred as “Superman” and more recently appeared in the pro-life film “Gosnell,” said Kemp is “100-percent right” to promise to move ahead with the legislation.

He explained that Kemp is accountable to Georgia voters, not Hollywood celebrities like Alyssa Milano, who has been leading the charge against the bill.

“They have to understand the idea of federalism, states’ rights. There’s a reason that states have their own rights [and]can make some of their own laws,” Cain said. “And those voters spoke. They elected these guys and gals, and that’s the bill they came up with.”

He called out the “hubris” of Milano and other celebrities to attempt to “bully” a state into accepting their position on abortion.

“It’s not so shocking to see it’s coming from Hollywood, but it’s dead wrong to do that,” Cain said. See more at Fox News.


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