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Gorillapod Focuses on More Sophisticated Users With New 3k Pro

The little tripod that can help you rig up your camera basically anywhere takes aim at vloggers and other mirrorless shooters with its new upgrades.

Sometimes you just want to run around with a camera without bringing a full sized set of sticks with you. You know there will be a tabletop you can plunk it on, or a fence to rig it to, or maybe a chain it could hang from. You need a do-anything mini-tripod so that you can rig it in those situations for exactly the framing you want, and the Gorillapod by JOBY has long been the dominant item in that category. With the new metal 3K Pro rig, JOBY is moving the Gorillapod upscale to accommodate the needs of filmmakers in the boming full frame mirrorless market who are using just slightly heavier cameras (up to 6.6kg) and need a little more strength but still want the freedom and power you get with the Gorrilla.

In full power “rig” mode, the 3K Pro includes full metal, rubber tipped legs along with two arms that end in 1/4-20 mounts that can be used for accessories. Need a microphone, some extra lighting, or a GoPro getting a wide-angle second shot to help your editor have flexibility? Rig them up on the arms. For the camera, there is an all new CNC machined ball mount that will allow for precise placement of the shot that locks into place.

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