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Missouri attempts to bring back moviemakers


Missouri legislators are working on a tax incentive in hopes of bringing movie production back to the state.

No major film has been created in the state since “Gone Girl” more than five years ago.

The tax incentive bill, proposed by Rep. Kathryn Swan, R-Cape Girardeau, gives filmmakers a 20% credit for qualifying in-state expenses and 10% for qualifying out-of-state expenses.

The bill provides a 5% bonus if more than half of the production is done in Missouri.

Kyle Loethen, a Missouri Motion Media Association board member, believes the incentive is needed because production companies are passing over Missouri to film in other states.

“They’re just a lot of production companies out there shooting stuff, building infrastructure, creating jobs and so I think Missourians are finally realizing this is an opportunity that we really need to explore and look into.”

Since “Gone Girl”, Missouri was passed up by “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “Sharp Objects” and Netflix series “Ozark” which were set in Missouri but filmed elsewhere.

Those last two were at least partially shot in Georgia, which is known for its favorable incentives. Loethen said Missouri needs to emulate that. See more at KOMU.


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