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The future of Florida’s film industry is in the hands of the Legislature


Imagine you are a producer, scouting locations for your new TV show. You need a sunny climate with easy access to beaches. You don’t have an unlimited budget, though, so you have to make the call based on what location gives you the best balance of cost and atmosphere. Are you coming to Florida?

With companies like Netflix spending more than $12 billion on new programming in 2018 alone (yes, billion), there is no shortage of film and TV productions out there. Add to that the impact on tourism that can come from having millions of viewers watching a show set in a tropical paradise like the Keys. So why is Florida losing so many productions to Georgia?

Florida TaxWatch’s recent report, “Is the Sun Setting on Film in Florida,” reported that in 2016 the Florida motion picture and television industry was responsible for more than 150,000 jobs and $2.02 billion in wages. Five years (2010-2015) of incentives for studios helped accelerate the growth of the industry in the state and should have set us up to be a leader for many years to come.

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