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Aurora Cineplex hosts Southern Shorts Awards


The Southern Shorts Awards returns to Roswell’s Aurora Cineplex with 27 new short films, ranging from horror to documentaries May 11.

Film genres include drama, comedy, documentary, science fiction, horror, animation, mystery and Westerns. Student and Georgia based films will also be screened. From the animated story of Pip the guide dog, to ghostly visitors in “Rear-View,” the festival provides audiences with a variety of films.

All screened films will be 30 minutes or less, and for many, the festival serves as the screen-debut. The Southern Shorts Awards originally began in June 2016 and is the only film festival in Roswell. The festival offers amateur filmmakers to receive feedback on their films and was created with the filmmaker in mind. Unlike other film festivals that usually have two categories of films, the Southern Shorts Awards has 15 categories.


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