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California’s former film commissioner Amy Lemisch, Long Court Process Keep Shows in Georgia


Excerpts from Daily News – It’s been a wild ride for California film professionals through the last decade-and-a-half. Movie and TV production ran away from its traditional home in the Los Angeles area – and took many of the good, middle class jobs it had provided locally for nearly a century – to places that offered generous tax credits and other incentives such as Canada, Louisiana and Georgia.

However, a good deal of that work has come back to the Golden State since 2009. And a lot of credit for that can be given to Amy Lemisch, who on May 10 completed her 15 year tenure as executive director of the California Film Commission…

Major producers constantly say, apparently, that they’d shoot more here if they could get more back like they do in in uncapped, top competitor Georgia, where unlike here star, director and producer salaries are rebated. Now there’s the possibility that, with many in the industry appalled by Georgia’s strict new anti-abortion law, that more shows will want to film in L.A., but Lemisch doesn’t expect a major exodus soon.

“Serious productions that are already there, it’s so expensive to move a show, it’s very, very difficult to do that,” she observed, noting that the Georgia law will be tied up in courts for years before it’s ever, if ever, implemented. “I would think that it’s going to be a consideration as they’re planning new productions, but I haven’t really heard any specifics from any of the companies yet.”…

If she has her way, Lemisch will be working for one of those private sector companies in the future. Though she doesn’t blame Newsom for wanting to put his own appointee at the head of the CFC – in fact, she noted that it was unusual for Jerry Brown to keep on a Schwarzenegger selection like her throughout his term in office – she’s glad to be out of government and hopes for a return to production…

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