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CSU students working on new film starring Bruce Willis


Bruce Willis is coming to town this summer for a new movie. Quite a big production crew is joining him, including some of our very own community members.

Ten hard-working Columbus State University students working toward their film certificate will get the amazing opportunity to work alongside industry professionals this summer while Bruce Willis is in town.

“Our students are hungry for this opportunity to be given this chance to work on set with these professionals,” said Dr. Danna Gibson.

Gibson is the chair of the communication department at Columbus State University. She said CSU’s partnership with the Georgia Film Academy gives students the chance to work on major productions like the one coming to town this summer.

“So I will be meeting with the director on Monday where we’ll start discussing in what particular roles he would want them to serve,” said Dr. Richard Baxter, CSU’s vice president of Engagement and Economic Development.

Gibson said Baxter played a major role in helping get this Bruce Willis film to be shot in Columbus. He said several elements worked in his favor including a Columbus Film Fund.

“Well the whole goal behind the film fund,” Dr. Baxter said, “is to create a local work force so that we can bring movies to Columbus and become the third film hub.” See more at WTVM.


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