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New Mexico’s biggest competitor has not been Los Angeles, It’s Georgia


New Mexico has boosted its filming incentive fund and is to encourage producers to shoot beyond its established hubs.

The south-west US state is already a key filming location for screen stories with desert settings, but its appeal is set to grow further now that authorities have more than doubled the incentive’s film fund to $110m a year.

An additional $100m has been made available to secure shoots that may still be a year or more away from principal photography.

“We are already seeing a massive increase in films landing here in New Mexico,” says Shani Orona, a New Mexico-based location manager, in comments to KFTV.

“Our biggest competitor has not been Los Angeles – they do primarily TV now – but Georgia. We now have a much better ability to compete with them. Because we have such close proximity to Los Angeles – [it’s] a two-hour flight so producers and actors can fly home for the weekend.”

Action star and producer Dwayne Johnson has been the latest high-profile visitor to the state, shooting scenes for a follow-up to the hit 2017 family adventure movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The film, directed by Jake Kasdan, shot on Navajo Nation lands in north-west New Mexico, hiring around a hundred local crew. See more at KFTV .


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