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Ohio taxpayers helped foot the bill for these movies, Some lawmakers want to eliminate the tax credit


From “Carol” to “The Old Man and the Gun,” Cincinnati has been featured in a slew of movies thanks to a tax break Ohio gives to productions doing business here.

But lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives voted to eliminate that tax break in the state’s two-year budget. Instead, they want to cut income tax rates.

“We shouldn’t try to pick winners and losers,” said Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford in Perry County. “What we should try to do is set a balanced field out there.”

The liberal-leaning Policy Matters Ohio and conservative Buckeye Institute have both called the break a waste of taxpayer money.

But proponents of the tax breaks say they bring business to Ohio. Film Cincinnati wrote that eliminating the credit would be a “grave error.”

A recent study from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center found $3.69 was spent in the Cincinnati area for every $1 contributed in tax breaks. Statewide, for every dollar put into the program, Ohioans see a $1.98 return.  See more here.


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