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Women working in Georgia rally to oppose boycott threats


A group of women in Georgia’s film industry launched an effort to oppose the boycott on their jobs pushed by abortion extremists in Hollywood over the Peach State’s “heartbeat” abortion law.

The group, calling itself “The Women of Film in Georgia,” started a petition entitled “we work here.”

“We’ve been building up our individual careers for years,” the group notes in its petition, “and many of us are active in various industry organizations, uniting to ride the ups and downs that so many of us experience in this business.”

The group added that they don’t support Georgia’s restrictive new abortion law but find the attack on their livelihoods far from helpful to reverse the law. They also wonder why they should be punished by a boycott over the actions of government officials they do not support.

“It is with some considerable frustration that we have watched our state government and our current governor attempt to … undermine the ability of Georgia women to make their own reproductive health decision,” the group adds in the petition.

The petition goes on to note that women working in the film industry in Georgia are being punished “twice over.” On the one hand, they claim they are losing their rights to abortion and, on the other, they are losing their jobs because of Hollywood’s boycott.

“But people aren’t seeing the larger picture — the positive influence the film industry has had on Georgia economically and politically,” film industry employee and petition sponsor Molly Coffee said. “We came really close to flipping the state purple in the last election. Pulling out of Georgia only abandons women of the state.” See more.


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