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A True Mac Pro is Finally Here and It’s a Feature-Packed Knockout

This is what it feels like when a company takes Pro users seriously

Apple has launched a new Mac Pro.  We didn’t think it was going to happen.  We heard rumors, and we sang from the rooftops, and we kept asking, and honestly, for the first time ever, something is “back” in a Mac.

Generally when Apple drops something, it’s gone.  But Apple dropped PCI expansion with the 2013 Mac Pro, and as they announced on stage at WWDC today, they just put it back in.  “PCI is back.”

Apple course corrected.

This is huge.  Maybe not “we’ll have SD card slots and MagSafe back in MacBook pro’s” huge or “an iPhone with a headphone jack is coming again” huge, but really, legitimately huge.


Of course, since it’s Apple, they had to do it their own way. Their slots will accept normal old x16 PCIe connectors, but they will also have an additional connector that is set up for Displayport and Power, giving the full function of Thunderbolt to the slot.

And, frankly, this is the kind of thing we love Apple for.  Take a wide standard and include it on your system so I could just stick an NVIDIA Quadro card in there, but then also give me some extension on top of it (the MPX slot) that will allow for even more power.

Right now they are making their own special cards that go in those slots, but we can imagine that aftermarket (NVIDIA!!!) will likely find a way to build for that slot as well.

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