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All Bruced Up in Columbus, ‘The Long Night’ underway


Delivering on Georgia’s ongoing mission in becoming a primary destination for the film and television industry, producers Randall Emmett and George Furla of Emmett Furla Oasis have begun shooting its upcoming full-length theatrical film, “The Long Night,” starring Bruce Willis, in Columbus, Georgia. This marks the first ever major film production funded by the newly created ColumbusFilm Fund and the production team will consist of many local graduates and students from the Georgia Film Academy.

With one of the nation’s most lucrative incentive program for film and television production paired with the ambitious Georgia Film Academy that is minting the next generation of storytellers and production technicians, Georgia has its sights set on building a new entertainment production hub.

“Columbus is the perfect location to shoot ‘The Long Night’ with Georgia’s incredible support, resources, and incentives from the state government combined with its deep pool of accomplished and experienced production technicians from The Georgia Film Academy and the IATSE Labor Union,” said Adam Harris Engelhard. Engelhard, who also represents the Columbus Film Commission through his management company, Mailroom, brokered the deal between the film commission and the studio.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson, “This is the first production that will take advantage of the Columbus Film Fund.  We believe this will be the first of many film productions to land in Columbus.  I want to thank all the financial supporters of the Film Fund including Peter Bowden and his staff;  Richard Baxter and Columbus State University; and The Georgia Film Academy for the vision and work that was put in place.”

“With extensive and invaluable hands-on professional training, The Georgia Film Academy is leading our students on a path to employment in the industry, as evidenced by “The Long Night,” said Jeff Stepakoff, The GFA’s Executive Director. “We are providing the tools and skills needed for well-paid, lifelong careers, that would be otherwise unattainable in this state. It’s all about keeping jobs in Georgia for Georgians.”

Since launch in 2015, over 4,000 Georgians have taken Georgia Film Academy’s professional training courses through eighteen public, affordable, state universities and technical colleges, with thousands more teenage students are now taking them through their high schools.

The GFA is dedicated to its mission of inclusivity with students coming from both metro-Atlanta and across rural Georgia. The diversity of the program is evident as the GFA students are comprised of 52% people of color and 48% white, 50% women and 50% men.

The Columbus Film Fund is a unique public-private partnership which uses privately donated funds to incentivize film and TV productions to bring their projects to the city. It is administered by the Columbus Film Commission.



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