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Georgia Mansion That Inspired ‘Gone With the Wind’ Movie Is Up for Sale


Fans of “Gone With the Wind” gone wild! At least, that’s what we expect might happen once news catches on that one of the homes that inspired this epic award-winning 1939 film has gone up for auction—and for a potential pittance, with a starting bid of $1 million.

The mansion, called Twelve Oaks, was built in 1836 in Covington, GA. Then, nearly a hundred years later, “Gone With the Wind” author Margaret Mitchell saw a photo of this home in the Atlanta Journal. At the time, her best-seller was being made into a movie, so she sent the news clipping to the movie producers, who ended up using it as the inspiration for the home of Ashley Wilkes.

Wilkes, you might recall, is the man who becomes the obsession of Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara, who checks out his amazing digs in the movie’s opening scenes and then spends most of her young life foolishly pursuing Wilkes. Alas, America’s Civil War throws a wrench in those plans when this plantation gets burned to the ground. War is hell. See more here.


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