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Letter Sent to Governor Kemp from Leading Film Related Companies


Dear Governor Kemp:

I’ve enjoyed having a good, open relationship with you over the years, and I’ve always appreciated you being willing to listen to our industry’s aspirations, feedback and concerns. When you took the time to visit EUE/Screen Gems several years ago, it was clear that you understand not only what it means to be a business owner, but that you also value opportunity and jobs for hard-working Georgians around the state.

I write today with a serious, immediate concern. Recent public comments have raised anxiety about whether our state is committed to this multi-billion-dollar industry going forward. Now, and very suddenly, tens of thousands of Georgians employed in our state’s film and television industry are worried about their job opportunities moving out of state fast. Now, when I talk to many of the approximately 400 Georgia crew on my lot this week, I hear firsthand that they are quickly closing their wallets as they sense a sea change in this Georgia success story called film and television production. That’s why I believe they would greatly benefit by hearing from you directly about your support for the future of their jobs in their state.

With that purpose alone, and in response to your desire stated last week to visit film and television production centers in the state, I respectfully issue an invitation on behalf of 15 local film and television studios and production support companies to start a series of conversations with these Georgians by first visiting EUE/Screen Gems Studios this week or next week. We think that hearing directly from you will make a dramatic impact and help to shift the conversation about Georgia’s film and television industry back to a positive note while also reassuring all Georgia voters that their state won’t have to replace the 92,000 high-paying jobs that you and we, together, have spent over a decade creating.

Out of respect to you and your office, and if you so choose, we will not allow any news media on our premises during your visits.

The companies issuing this invitation are:

EUE/Screen Gems Studios

Enterprise Entertainment

Atlanta FilmWorks

SIM Atlanta Camera and Post Mailing Avenue


Crafty Apes Visual Effects and Production Services

Triple Horse Studios

Moonshine Post-Production

Third Rail Studios

Lightnin Production Rentals


United Rentals

HERC Entertainment Services

Innovation Workshop

Cofer Brothers

On behalf of all of us, I look forward to your quick response and to your visits with us.


Kris Bagwell Executive Vice President and General Manager


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