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Rome International Film Festival director films independent short film in Floyd, Gordon, Polk


Legend has it that while lost in the swampy wilderness of Northwest Florida for seven days and nights, Cebe Tate was attacked by gnawing insects, starved, got bitten by a snake and was driven to madness before finding his way out and collapsing to his death near the town of Carrabelle.

But just before he died, a passerby heard him speak a sentence that would solidify his legacy in folklore: “My name is Tate, and I just came through Hell!” That phrase earned the site of Tate’s disappearance and reappearance the title of Tate’s Hell National Forest.

Loosely inspired by this account, the independent film “Tate’s Hell” is being produced in Floyd, Polk and Gordon County this summer. Written and directed by Seth Ingram, director of the Rome International Film Festival, the short film just wrapped production and filmed in the Cedartown, Rome and Ranger areas, and is currently in post production. See more.


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