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Stacey Abrams challenges film executives to “stay and fight”


Before a room crowded with dozens of Hollywood figures, Stacey Abrams challenged film executives Tuesday to “stay and fight” rather than bolt Georgia because of new abortion restrictions Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law.

The anxious crowd came armed with questions, many pressing the Georgia Democrat on why they should stay in a state pushing values they can’t support. Her answer, she said in an interview, was that leaving the state won’t help further their cause.

“While there is a moral pull to say that leaving or boycotting can have an impact, my argument is there’s a stronger effect by staying and changing the power structure that allowed this bill to pass,” she said.

She also left with a more ominous warning: The film fallout over the House Bill 481 was the “tip of the spear” that could spread to the tech industry and other businesses if Georgia doesn’t respond aggressively. See more at WSB.


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