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Georgia remains busy hub for TV/film: 46 active productions, up from 37 in mid June


Since calls for a boycott of Georgia following the “heartbeat” abortion bill’s passage in the spring, the state has remained an active hub for TV and film production.

On June 14, the state had 37 on-going productionsOn July 2, it edged up to 40. Today, it’s at 46.

The Georgia film office does not keep track of active productions on a daily or even monthly basis so there is no record of where the state was at a year ago. (I will track this regularly from here on in.)

But Emily Murray, spokeswoman for the film office, said she considers 40 active productions busy so 46 is a solid number.

It might have been even busier. At least two shows and a film – all led by women – have left Georgia as a result of the abortion bill: the upcoming Amazon series “The Power,” Kristin Wiig’s theatrical comedy “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” and Netflix’s “Pieces of Me,” a new eight-episode thriller based on crime author Karin Slaughter‘s novel of the same name. See more at AJC.


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